Traffic Safety Program Overview

The Traffic Safety Program (TSP) allows qualified defendants to participate in an online course that provides helpful driving tips on a variety of topics related to the safe operation of a motor vehicle. Upon successfully completing the course, the defendant's citation will be dismissed, therefore avoiding a conviction and no points will be added to their driving record. The course consists of several modules that takes approximately two hours to complete. The program is flexible and can be either completed all in one setting or can be paused between modules and resumed at a later time; either way the defendant has 30 days to successfully complete the program.

The qualifying criteria for participating in the Traffic Safety Program are:

  • The Defendant must have a pending 2-point minor-misdemeanor traffic citation with only one offense listed and no accompanying criminal charges. Reckless Operation citations will only be accepted if they are approved by a Judge or Prosecutor.
  • The traffic infraction does not involve an accident or property damage.
  • The Defendant has not participated in the TSP within the last 24 months; whether it was through the Circleville Municipal Court or any other jurisdiction that offers the Safe Driver Online program.
  • The Defendant must have a valid driver's license and proof of insurance at the time of entering the program.
  • The traffic infraction does not involve a school zone/bus violation.
  • The Defendant must pay all non-refundable fees in full and submit all required documents prior to participating in the program.
  • The Defendant does not have a commercial driver's license (CDL).

The Steps of the Traffic Safety Program

On or before the court date on the citation, the defendant must do the following:

  • Review and submit a signed copy of the Conditional Guilty Plea Referral form to the Circleville Municipal Court.
  • Provide current proof of insurance (unless the citation indicates it was shown to officer).
  • Pay a $250.00 TSP fee to the Circleville Municipal Court. Note: you cannot register for the online class until this fee has been paid to the Court.
  • After paying the TSP fee, Defendant successfully completes the TSP online class within 30 days.

The court will review the defendant's application and notify them by telephone and/or email as to whether or not they have been approved. If the defendant qualifies for the program, the Court will accept the defendant's guilty plea but will stay sentencing to allow the defendant time to complete the program.



Failing To Complete Traffic Safety Program

  • Defendant fails to pay the $250.00 Traffic Safety Program fee before court date listed on citation.
  • Defendant fails to successfully complete the online TSP class within 30 days after payment of the program fee.

Consequences of failing to complete Traffic Safety Program

  • The $250.00 Traffic Safety Program fee is forfeited and the conviction will be forwarded to the BMV where points will be assessed to your driving record.