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       How Are Jurors Chosen?

       On the day of the trial, potential jurors will be asked questions (in open court) by the attorney for each side to determine whether that juror should be selected to hear that particular case.

       Why Would I Be Rejected?

       An attorney has two ways of rejecting jurors.

Jurors can be rejected for "cause" if the juror:

  • Is a witness
  • Is a relative
  • Has already served on a jury involving the client
  • Has already formed an opinion (without hearing the evidence)
  • Is an employee of the court
  • Is an alcoholic, drug addict, or has been convicted of a serious crime

       Both sides are allowed to reject a limited number of jurors without giving a reason. The jurors who are no longer needed (are not picked) are allowed to leave until their services as a juror are required again.

       What Happens Next?

       Once the jury has been picked, the judge will explain to the jury what is expected of them. The jurors will then hear the opening arguments of both sides. Testimony of witnesses and other evidence will be presented. Jurors are permitted to ask questions of each witness. After the trial, jurors are given as much time as is needed to come to a decision.

       How that decision is reached depends on what kind of case has been heard. Different kinds of cases require different amounts of proof.

       After The Trial

       You will be given proof of being in court (serving as a juror) to show to your employer... if needed.

       A notice will be sent to the auditor instructing that office to pay a token sum for your service (the amount differs by area). In our court we pay $25.00 per day. A letter of thanks (or certificate of service) may be sent to you by the court.


       Time of service as a juror differs from area to area. In our Court most jury trials last one day and you will hear only one case that day. however, you will be on the jury list for a three month period starting from the time you received your original summons.

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Jury Management Plan