The Circleville Municipal Court
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Small Claims Division

        The Circleville Municipal Court Small Claims Division is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Small Claims hearings are conducted on Friday mornings beginning at 8:30 AM. Please see the Explanation of Small Claims link for a detailed description of small claims at the Circleville Municipal Court.


  • Judgment of the Court

    The judgment of the Small Claims division has the same force and effect of any other judgment of the court. Requests to set aside judgments are specifically controlled by the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure and other Ohio cases. The court may order that the judgment plus interest and costs be paid either at a certain date or in specified installments.

    The Court will attempt to meet the needs of both of the parties in establishing a reasonable payment plan including the amount of installments and the frequency of payment. In order to control the parties and to be of assistance, the person against whom a judgment is awarded may be required to reappear in court to assure continuing compliance.

  • Enforcement

    If the Defendant fails to appear in Court and, as the plaintiff, you obtain a “Default Judgment”; you need to then enforce the judgment. (Some judgments are unenforceable because you sue someone who has no money, income or property subject to attachment). The first step is to request, in writing, a “judgment debtor examination.” Additional court costs are required for this process. The “Order to Appear” must be served personally on the debtor. It requires the debtor to appear in Court and explain what property he or she owns and how the judgment might be paid. The Court has a form to assist you in the examination. This form may be obtained from the clerk’s office.

    Another method of enforcement is the “garnishment” of the Defendant’s personal earnings or bank account. Additional court costs are required for this procedure. If your debtor is working, you must serve by mail a “Notice of Court Proceeding To Collect Debt.” These forms are available through the clerk’s office. Each time a garnishment is attempted, your “Certificate of Mailing” obtained from the post office must go into your case file. When 15 days has expired, you may attach personal earnings of the debtor. Our staff will assist you but cannot offer legal advise.

Please, if you have any questions ask the Clerk of Court, Connie Neal. If you do not understand or are not satisfied with the help offered by a Deputy Clerk, please also see the Clerk or Judge. We are all here to serve the public.

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